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A weird networking problem.

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Ugh.. I know it's a weird issue and probably couldn't find an answer but just wanted to ask it anyway...

I have a Asus x570-e gaming board with Nvidia RTX 4090, Amd 5900x,128 GB RAM, 1200W PSU ( HighPower Astra GD 80+ Gold )

Recently when I was enjoying AC Valhalla, then computer suddenly reset..

  • The boot drive ( 1.2 TB Intel 750 U.3 drive connected via PCI-E x4 adapter ) went away ( The disk itself is now junk )
  • I have 2 NVME drives 2 TB Samsung PM9A1 and 4 TB Kingston KC3000. Kingston's filesystem is gone.. Though I can access the files, I'll probably be able to restore it.
  • All network communication went away ( wireless, wired everything ). Wired devices seem to be working, but even after connecting a cable nothing appears. Wireless device just show yellow alert stating it cannot start ( code:10 )
  • I bought a Realtek 8111DL GbE card.. The card seems to work and device is visible in device manager with no problem. Though just like others network doesn't connect.
  • When I connect cables, sometimes it tries to detect the network then it disappears with "Not connected"
  • I did reach internet for a few seconds before it disappeared again. So, sometimes it gets IP address etc, but it loses the IP almost immediately.
  • I had a "working"*TP-Link Wireless AC USB device. When I connect it also shows yellow warning with code 56 this time. Something about classification etc..
  • I thought the PSU was not enough ( the GPU has three prongs so max power is around 450W ).. But now I don't think this is the case..
  • I also bought a new ThermalTake 1200W PSU just to be safe.
  • Unfortunately all this problems are in brand new Windows 11 installation ( 22H2 ), I also saw the same problem in latest Ubuntu 22.04 LTSC Live Image.

​​​​​​​Can you guess what really happened, and how to solve this?

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Sounds like hardware failure on multiple levels... code 10 is a driver issue... Nvidia drivers have been having some issues with windows 11 22h2. Have you tried replacing the intel drive with one of your others to rule out motherboard failure and doing a clean install?? code 56