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8 pin + 4 pin asus x570e gaming wifi II help

Level 7
Im running
asus x570e gaming wifi
5800 x3d
4070 ti pny
64 gb ram
EVGA 850 P2

i notice today for some reason that my cpu connector had the 8 pin connected but there is a 4 pin next to it. i found a cpu cable and plugged the 8 pin side into my psu, and split the 8 pin end into 4's with the right configuration of course and plugged that into the mobo. the system wont boot. i get lights, just not boot up.
i unplug it and i boot fine. do i need the other 4 pin next to the 8 pin? and why wont it boot? the cable is a cpu cable so i dont know what gives.


You say you found a CPU cable. Are you sure it came with that power supply? Unfortunately there is no standard for keying the connections on the PSU side for modular power supplies. You may find that different cables are actually wired differently despite the connection fitting.

Anyway, for normal operation you shouldn't need that extra power. You can double check your manual but I believe it is intended for extra juice while overclocking.
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