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5800x3d lower all clock load with r23 with agesa

Level 7

i just upgraded from a 3700x to a 5800x3d. i have the following setup:

asus strix b550-e
2x16 gb ram @ 3600mhz (docp)
5800x3d (stock)
nh-u12a (2fans)
3080 10gb

after installing the cpu, i did CMOS reset. and tested the cpu with r23 benchmark on multicore. I noticed the following:

Bios: 2806 with agesa
Score 14000-14150
All core clocks: 4.125- 4.175Mhz
Max temp: 76degrees celsius

Bios: 3001 with agesa
same as 2806

Bios: 2604 with agesa
Score 14500-14700
All cores: 4.300-4.325 mhz
max temp:84degrees celsius

did they nerf the cpu after agesa ? is it a bios bug for b550 ?
Ryzen master shows the chip is not even reaching its limits...

i know i can use PBO2 ..but i would like to understand whats happening on stock config.

thank you