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5600x .52ghz issue

Level 7


Asus Tuf x570 Wifi



Graphic Card:

Sapphire 6950xt

Cpu Cooler:

Arctic Freezer II 360MM


G.Skill Trident Z RGB


I transferred everything from one case to the other (old case was bent n stuff long story). It has the stock 5600x Cooler on the cpu and was running fine.

When u transferred I had the aio to install so I got rid of the stock n installed that. Everything seems fine until I booted and it was SUPER SLOW. Discovered I forgot the plastic on the aio pump (...didnt make this mistake with thr first one i had but anyways...) i took it out, cleaned, and redid paste and put it back on the cpu. Discovered on the next boot my cpu is stuck at .52ghz. I had on xmp and the profile thing for boosting ram/pcu (Forgot the name) but anywho they were on at the time before the case transferring and everything was fine.


 Why is my cpu stuck at .52ghz...I already tried cleaning pins in cpu with isopropyl and did repasting 3x. So it's NOT the cpu. (I hope). Only new thing that started happening while I was troubleshooting is that the dram orange light came on 2x and I had to remove a stick to to get back to booting again. Pc has reset itself 2x as well n that's when that issue came up both times.... could it be the automatic OC on the ram sticks caused this cpu issue? I am at a loss and given up. Actually just ready to sell everything. Disabling Prochot in Ryzen Master is the only way I can have a functioning pc....(I CANNOT LIVE WITH A SLOW BOOT LIKE THIS AND HAVING TO DEPEND ON SOFTWARE FOR SUCH A ISSUE) (sorry mini rage).

PLEASE if anyone has answers or ideas hit up this post. Thanks.


(Also if you have questions for me to get a better idea, please ask away. I want this resolved....)


Level 7

If the only thing you did was transferring components from one case to another you should not have any problems unless some damage was done to the hardware during the case swap.

Try clearing the BIOS via jumper setting/battery removal or both and then go into BIOS and set to DEFAULT setting.


This happened after I swapped from the air cooler to aio and forgot the plastic on the pump for like...5-7minutes max. It's like I have a permanent bug because of it. I just ordered another motherboard....I had to rebuild 3 pieces of this pc pockets are empty. I'm currently using a script that allows the task scheduler to turn off prochot automatically when I sign in but boot times still terrible ofcourse and I refuse to live like that all the research I did, the solution everyone had was new mbo so ye that's that. Thanks for the response.