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3900x and bdie ram issues

Level 7
Hey guys I've been having some issues with my ram and was looking for some suggestions.

Crosshair VII Hero Wifi BIOS 3004
Team Group Dark Pro 16GB (8x2) 3200mhz 14-14-14-31 CL14 DOCP
Zotac Amp Extreme Core 1080Ti

So anyways Ive been having some stability issues in games. I dont OC the CPU outside of just using PBO. The GPU isnt overclocked either outside of the factory OC. Some games crash to desktop and others throw fatal errors. I ran memtest on my ram, and heres what I found:

1.Both sticks with XMP enabled throws one failure
2.Each stick alone with XMP enabled works fine
3.Both sticks running at 2400mhz also works fine

It seems as though something in the XMP settings for the ram isnt working right. I have tried using thaiphoon burner and dram calculator to enter in safe settings, but it either wont boot or throws a bunch of errors in memtest and I cant get it stable. I dont really know much about manually settings memory timings so Im at a loss there. I have reached out to Team Group support and got a ticket going with them as well to see if they have any suggestions. I know this ram isnt on the QVL but Im surprised bdie ram is having this much trouble. Id appreciate any assistance, Im out of ideas at this point.

Level 12
Put it in DOCP and assuming 1.35v then change it to 1.36 volts and retest. 1.37 is about the max I would try for 3200 speed to get ram timings to stick correctly.

To use Ryzen Dram Calculator correctly follow this information.