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1700 + C6H OC "bug-consistency" issues - manufacturing date linked?

Level 7
I know the title is weird, but that's exactly what this is.

It seems like different Ryzen 1700 "versions" behave inconsitently on the C6H and don't show or show bugs that happen on one CPU but not the other.

Let me explain.

I've had a week 21 1721PGT Ryzen 1700 (manufactured in Malaysia), which ran fine on 3.8 GHz. It had the multiplier bug, though, which is known on the C6H, where manual voltage override doesn't work and results in a low multiplier in Windows. No biggie, just use offset voltage + pstate and off you go, right? Right.

Sadly that CPU suffered from the pre-week-25 Linux compilation bug, so I got in contact with AMD and got a replacement within a week.

Now I'm running a week 30 1730SUS (manufactured in China). This one has absolutely crazy binning and runs at 4.1 GHz (prime/avx stable), 1.3375 V. But it didn't do that from the get-go. When I applied BIOS settings similar to those of the older CPU, with the OC in offset voltage mode, I experienced the stuck low multiplier issue I previously had with manual voltage override. In stark contrast to the old CPU, it works perfectly fine in manual voltage override.

All tested on BIOS 1501 and 1602.

To be honest, the current state of this motherboard and the AMD architecture is some of the worst I've ever seen, even over half a year after the initial launch. I love this PC, don't get me wrong, but the inconsistencies are horrifying. I hope most of the issues will get resolved with the newer AGESA/EC updates.

tl;dr: The old 1700 needed offset voltage + pstate, the new 1700 overclocks like crazy but needs manual voltage override instead of offset + pstate (those don't work at all).

Level 7
While reading most of the other stuff posted about X370 and Ryzen this may really be related to the behaviour of a certain batch of CPUs.

Have you noticed this behaviour @ASUS @elmor?

Level 7
Yeah I have to use offset minus then auto for both cpu vcore and cpu soc voltage to get 4ghz on my ryzen 1800x otherwise it'll go to 1.5v on default. Also my ram has weird issues too and I can't get 3200 rated instead I have to use 3066 at 1.27v in grey 1.35v.

I have exactly the same hardware and same cpu.

My problem is that I can not apply any offset + higher than 0.225 or the Mulitiplier will drop to x 15.5

It works like a cham if i use mannual voltage or if downclock to 3.9Ghz with offset + 0.225


AFAIK same problem is on asrock taichi - new CPUs behave a bit different than old "buggy".