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1004B-bios for Crosshair 7 Hero???

Level 12
Over at, a user posted a reply from an Asus-official today. The message was that there is no ETA for a new bios for C7H:

"Thank you for contacting Asus support. My name is Arsen.

Unfortunately at the moment there is no release date announced. We do not have an ETA for this currently."

My low end Gigabyte B450 has already had THREE iterations of 1004B-bios, the latest one correcting the reported PCIE-issues from all vendors.

Would be real nice if someone from Asus clarified what's going on?
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FawltyBasil5 wrote:
How do we know where it's from? There just seems to be a random hwinfo link?

Murmak the author of HWinfo was given permission from ASUS to publish the beta bios as he needed them to test some fixes in these bios for his software.