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0d code when one or two sticks in any A slots

Level 7
Hi everyone,
I have a memory problem on Asus Crosshair VI Hero. Memory sticks in A slots are not working. If using only one or both sticks in A slots - mb does not boot, it stops with 0d code. With sticks in A2 and B2 slots - mb boots, but memory sick in A2 slot is not acceptable, BIOS shows it in SPD section, windows also see full 16gb, but half is showed as not accessible and "reserved". If two sticks in A2 and B2 slots - all 16gb acceptable, but single channel.
BIOS version 1107. Tried several bios resets, reflashed older 1002 BIOS, reflashed 1107 bios through EZFlash and flashback... nothing. Could it be software problem and how can it be fixed?

Level 7
Problem solved - slightly released CPU cooler screws and everything works well.

Interesting, there are several posts here about people who have system memory showing as hardware reserved

What kind of cooler do you have?