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So many problems with the Asus Ryujin III.

Level 7

I have a few issues that I hope someone at Asus can comment on.

1. Why is there only two options for rotating the LCD display, 90 or 180? Because of this, I'm stuck setting up AIO in one position, rather than a more ideal position. NZXT LCDs you can rotate it full 360 and in small increments. Is it that difficult to program this in?

2. Why is the LCD quality so poor for such an expensive product. Again, I came from a older NZXT Z LCD AIO and even a 2-3 year old LCD is much clearer than this expensive Ryujin?

3. After switching from a Nvidia 3090 card to a AMD 7900 xtx, the GPU temp display option is gone. All the other free temp monitoring software picks up my new gpu without any hiccups, but why is Asus software so outdated or bugged? I just don't understand, this card has been out for some time now.



Level 7

As expected, not a single response from Asus. T_T

Hi @sushiplease ,

based on your inquiries, regarding the first point about the steering issue, we will forward your suggestion to the backend team. 

As for the second point, you mentioned that the display quality is poor, could you please clarify if you have uploaded an image or a GIF file? 

Have you checked the quality of the image file itself? 

Could you provide a photo or video that you believe demonstrates the poor display quality for our reference? 

For the third point, is your current graphics card not being recognized? 

Have you tried uninstalling Armoury Crate using the uninstall tool and then reinstalling it? 

Have you ensured that the firmware for the liquid cooling system is up to date? 

Your assistance in confirming these details would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

1. Hopefully your developer can offer 360 rotation. I doubt it since I've seen other posts about this, but all I can do is hope for this implantation. 

2. Quality of LCD. I know for a fact the quality of the LCD is poor compared to other companies. I've used the same gif for both nzxt and ryujin and there is a obvious difference. Nothing I can do now since I'm out of the return window. It's just very unfortunate since I've had high hopes for it.

3. I have not uninstall armor crate, but will try later today and let you know if this solves the problem. 

I have completely uninstalled armor crate and rebooted, to then reinstall it. I still cannot get the GPU temp options to load. If i go to voltage, I do see GPU as a option but cannot get temps to load. 

Hi @sushiplease ,

based on your issue, could you provide a monitoring screen recording showing the water cooling system failing to display the graphics card information? 

Additionally, please share screenshots of the Armoury Crate update center page and logs for our reference.

Please ensure that the logs accurately capture the issue when it occurred. 

For instructions on logging operations, please refer to Q5: What is App Diagnostics? (New Feature) at

After recording the logs, please upload them to the cloud, grant access, and send me the link via private message.

Furthermore, please provide the product serial number. 

Thank you.