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RYUO 240 - Pump doesn't work?

Level 7
Hello everybody,

I just received a Ruyo 240 and I am very disappointed. The cooling performance doesn't seem very good, like my old Be Quiet Pure Rock but with more noise. But I think there is a problem with the pump. Maybe I am wrong and need some confirmation or some help.

1 - I don't see pump information in the bios


2 - When I want see pump information on the oled screen. I have just 0rpm (AIO pump, W_pump)


3 - My 4 pin connector is plug on CPU_fan but if I try to plug it on AIO_Pump I can't boot and i have a massage " CPU Fan error"

The fans seem to be working fine.

Any suggestion will be welcome 😉

Thank you!

I7 9700k

Level 7
Pump speed is not available on UEFI/BIOS; those are speeds for anything connected to respective fan headers;
to see pump speed use an utility like aida64 or hwinfo64.
You can not control pump speed, its always 100% and its fed from sata power connector.
You shall connect 4 pin to CPU fan header, it will show radiator fan speed, that you can control from UEFI/BIOS or win10; if you connect to any pump header it will stay at 100%
If you still want to connect to AIO pump header, select CPU fan monitoring to ignore in UEFI
Performance is on par with best air cooled CPU coolers; one thing though, i had to replace original thermal paste (which was dry) on waterblock with better one.

Hope it helps

Thank you alexmihaila for your helpful answer 🙂

I have try both : CPU fan header and AIO pump header (with CPU fan monitoring to ignore in UEFI). OK I can monitoring fan speed or AIO pump speed.

With the AIO pump header, I can change, in BIOS, AIO pump speed to 90% for example (good idea?).

I will try hwinfo64 for a better monitoring.