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Ryujin iii 360 Lcd still on when pc shut down already

Level 10

hi there,  i just install ryujin iii 360 in to my system.  got problem when pc was shut down already aio lcd screen still on.

i already turn off standby mode at armoury crate, but lcd still on whatever standbay mode on or off.

really need make it off when i shut down the pc


Level 10

Yes, I have the same problem since ASUS Framework Service - AIO plugin version 2.0.11 I believe.

ooh,  i also have same version aio plugin version.  scare got a defect product, coz i experience it since i install aio to my system.

glad if it just software, btw since when you had the issue? before update aio plugin service, your aio lcd can completly off when shut down?

mine aio lcd just going dimming if i shut down

Screenshot 2024-05-23 014917.png

I updated yesterday and noticed this bug this morning, so here is that. And yes, the lcd is just dimming when shut down. I guess the brightness is at 30% since it's the default settings for shutdown status, is just that the ON/OFF isn't working anymore.

@Jiaszzz_ROG @Aureliannn_ROG Sorry for the @ but I'm getting really tired of this. Can we PLEASE  at least, at the VERY LEAST have the possibilty to acces our devices pages WITHOUT having to update if an update is available. The only reason I've update the Ruyujin yesterday is because I couldn't acces it without updating it. And at the same time, can you please stop pushing those update that breaks our devices on regular basis without testing them at least? I mean, I'm sorry but it's getting repetitive as this point...

Solutions :
-let us access our devices without the need of update them
-let  us roll back from those updates if, like this one, they are borked
-let us opt-in for those beta update if we want to test them before they are tested or confirmed stable, we are users, not beta testers, respect us.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @AwenMilano @PWN3D_ ,

based on your question, we would like to confirm the following:

  1. Is this issue occurring after updating the AIO plugin version 2.0.11?
  2. Have you tried using the official uninstall tool to uninstall Armoury Crate and then reinstalling it to see if it resolves the issue?
  3. Can you confirm if the OLED screen remains lit or becomes dim after the update?
  4. Please provide a video or description of the screen status after shutting down for our reference.
  5. Additionally, you mentioned that the issue occurred after updating the AIO plugin version 2.0.11. Was it not possible to access the device page before the update?

Furthermore, to accurately analyze the cause of the problem, we recommend that you provide the Armoury Crate log file. 

The log file contains detailed information about the software during runtime, which can help the team identify the problem. 

Please make sure that the logs accurately record the occurrence of the issue. The following are the steps to collect the Armoury Crate log file:

Please refer to Q5: What is APP Diagnosis? (New Feature)

After completing the above steps, please upload the collected log files to a cloud storage space and private message us the link. 

Also, please provide us with your product serial number.

Thank you.

Hello There...

I think those steps provided are kind of overwhelming.
In answer to your recommendations, please see my comments:
-1.  If an user reports a bug after an update is because there is something wrong.
- 2. Uninstalling Armory Crate can cause several issues on the operating system, I think you guys as customer service are aware of the hundreds and hundreds complains about Armory Crate making the Operating System unstable after trying to uninstall/reinstall and in most cases, the users cannot reinstall the software forcing them to wipe out the entire OS and start all fresh.
- 3. That's the topic and the users above stated it very clear, the LCD screen doesn't goes OFF anymore, remains ON dimmed to 30%.
- 4. Video of the description? OMG we will try.
- 5. Correct, that was stated very clear in the posts above. We cannot access the Device Page if we don't do the update.

Log File?
Unfortunately I, as an additional user of the Ryujin 3 AIO, I don't know how to do a log file.
Steps on how to do it will be recommended when offering troubleshooting steps.

The link provided for us to refer to the Q5 is clearly for laptops and we do have desktops as Ryujin 3 owners.

Hopefully, any of the users here can uplodad that log file and video in order to correct this issue.

hi there, because some people report same issue here i believe this only software issue, dont want unistall ac beacause i think it will give same result. hope you can report this to armoury crate software development for rush an update for fix this issue. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @AwenMilano @PWN3D_ @Aleck @KARLOZcr ,

we apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced, but please rest assured that our backend team has taken note of the issue and is working diligently to resolve it.

The team will fix the issue and restore normal operation.

During this process, we kindly ask for your patience. 

Once the problem is resolved, we will notify you immediately.

Thank you.

1) yes
2)yes (I even fully reinstall windows)
3)it's lit, not 100% but lit yes
4)Screen status in AC is off, in the gear menu, shutdown status is off, luminosity is greyed at 30%, overheat warning is on at 85%
5) it was no possible. with a lot of devices, when an update is available, we have two choices; update now or check updates. update now open the update page and download right away, check updates just open the update page. If I go back to the devices after hitting check update and not update, I was still stuck on those two options.

The log is available on your DM

Level 7

yes, me too, i have the same problem, I just build a new pc with Ryujin iii 360, the lcd is dimmed only even when i turn off standy mode... need to help on Asus to fix this issue