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Ryujin 360 Drivers, Software, Etc.

Level 10
Hey friends. First, yeah, I have complained about the Ryujin 360 in the past and have been pretty charged up about it as well. I have had one on an Intel build now for a while and did not like how the display for it actually shows the CPU temp as what is really not the CPU at all, but rather the CPU socket temperature--which can be way off vs what HWMonitor reports. Otherwise, though, I love the beefy cooling this thing does. In fact, the cooling is so amazing vs the Kraker x62 240mm that I decided to replace that AOI cooler on an AMD rig of mine with a Ryujin 360, and man, does it rock.

That said, Asus software is almost always doomed to turn sour at some point. It is often pretty bad, too, not working properly, plagued with errors, and even doing weird things to Windows. Hence I have uninstalled Armoury Crate and Live Dash and the rest of the Asus bloatware on all three of my Asus rigs (except for GPU Tweak II which I still use) and then reinstalled Windows and have never looked back. However, now that I have installed the Ryujin 360 cooler hardware, I went to the Ryujin page wondering if I needed to install anything for the cooler to work properly. By install anything, I mean aside from any bloatware like Armoury Crate, Live Dash, Aura, or any of the other bloatware Asus has had the unsuspecting install, only later to find themselves ripping hairs out, jumping off bridges and so forth.

Anyone with knowledge or thoughts on whether installing anything at all is necessary or advisable--and/or anyone with associated experience or knowledge--please share. Your guidance would be much appreciated.