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Ryujin 240 - AIO Pump or CPU Fan?

Level 8
SO i haven't tried the AIO-Pump and presently have it connected to the CPU Fan instead. Is one better than the other, for example connecting the pump header to the AIO and then the Rad-Fan's to the CPU fan? or running everything off just one or the other?

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. thank you for this topic it really helped me to make decisions for the installation of my watercooling ASUS Ryujin 240 on a motherboard MSI Z490?
I would have chosen an ASUS unfortunately in my country it's not always easy to find what you want. But unlike some I finally had to plug the water-cooling cable into PUMP FAN, because, I don't know why, but plugged into the CPU, the water-cooling stopped working and I found myself with a 100% processor for almost 2 hours without my noticing. at the beginning the watercooling works well but with only one fan running, I said to myself that it is automatic, no fear, but afterwards I was really scared that my processor would let me go etc. for the moment I have installed the Armory Crate program with Aura for the control since LiveDash only works with an Asus motherboard. please help me with your comments and criticism if i get it wrong. cordially.