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Ryojin 360 -> My experience from h..l!

Level 7

Let's start by saying, I am very disappointed! Why?

So, little background and apologies already for the stream of consciousness that is to follow... 😉

I had Maximus XI Formula with 9700K, that was running with Dark Rock Pro 4 smoothly without issues for a year and no need to change etc.

However wife needed some upgrade, so i decided i will put my Pro4 to her setup and had a good excuse to buy my first AIO.
Naturally thought i go with Ryojin 360 as it would work nicely with the aesthetic of the system + thought it cant get better than that.. 🙂

Then the nightmare started..

1.) Installed based on instructions and connected the fans to the fan connectors of the AIO pump and the AIO Cooler connector to the 4-pin AIO_PUMP. (Yes, instructions said either/or to CPU_FAN connector on your motherboard.)

Cranked the system up and there comes the CPU fan not detected problem. Cleared CMOS etc. as guided, but did not change the result.

2.) Changed to CPU-FAN connector and jippii it works! Boy how wrong i was too early to celebrate.. Own stupidity for sure as I have been using AISuite3. So, thought allrighty lets run the fan expert -> big mistake!

After this the fans were only running full speed and could not change them what ever i did.. (Yes, i know the AiSuite is crap, but...)

3.) Armory Crate, Aura + other POS SW, when setup this new machine i avoided installing anything else except the AiSuite. Now i read, that i NEED the armory crate to be able to manage the fans.. Ok, lets give it a go... THE BIGGEST MISTAKE!

What happened afterwards put me in a loop of nerve braking session, that almost had me reinstall the whole OS. (I did not have backup done -> own mistake) But could not believe this SW can do so much damage..

4.) Long story short i was able to brake the loop of reboot-freeze-graphics lost etc. and finally was able to manage to get visuals back via HDMI from CPU graphics and booted from my windows USB installation.. Then i went to repair Windows installation to see if i get lucky..

Oh, yeah only good thing so far! I had restore point done before the root of all evil AURA had been installed.. So, off i went and tried that..

Yeah baby, back in business!! Thanks Billy G, i love you!! Backed up all my stuff i had in C: and praised the lord as i was already mentally prepared that all over and start from scratch..

5.) Summary who ever made these SW should be plain and simple be FIRED!

Meaning you need a lot of bloatware to run this POS and i think it still is not running as intended. It also could be, that i am just retarded and messed this up all by myself..


Anyway, moral of the story and only positive thing so far is, that it looks nice... But this selection criteria is only important in Tindr, but when choosing your cooler it should not be.. Go with good heart and true love that works.. Now i feel i have high maintenance trophy wife and i need to do all the house work!

Sorry for the rant and you might wonder why i bring these relationship analogues into the equation?? Well i have had true love affair and long lasting marriage with Asus and now i feel cheated... If i go full in with Asus "top end" stuff, i do expect it to work, without this kind of heavy lifting..

Only good thing to this story is that wife is happy with her new PC! :rolleyes:

If anyone have any ideas how to salvage this and this working, i am more than ears and eager to get guidance..