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Level 7

Hello im not sure if my temps on Rog Ryujin lll 360 ARGB (AIO) are correct 

its getting from 25-55°C without playing any game, just using the browser.

when testing with HWinfo for sample in Cyberpunk 2077 on Overdrive mode and playing about 40 min maximum temp was 67°C. When i was playing cod mw3 couple hours in row max temp was 71-72°C

My motherboard: gigabyte aorus z590 pro ax

GPU: msi rtx3080 suprim x 10 GB 

PSU: Asus rog thor p2 1200w 

ram: hyperx fury 3200mhz 

Case: Asus rog strix helios 

thermal Paste: Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut 

cpu: i9 11900k


Are the temps okay when im playing and just using a browser? Thanks for help!



Unfortunately, there are a ton of factors that might affect your CPU temps (ex. ambient temperature, pump or fan settings, airflow in your case, overclocking, etc.) but your numbers seem within normal enough of a range.

Maybe the most important question though: are you running into any issues with the CPU due to temperature/thermal throttling? If you're not running into any issues, then you should be in a good spot!

Level 7

I dont have any symptoms of Temperature/thermal throttling i was just curious of this temps are ok when im not playing, i have pump and fans in standard settings you think should i turn it in a higher Rpms and the temps will be lowered all the time? Thanks for answer!

Hi @Neterek7738 ,

Based on your question, idle temperatures ranging from 25-55°C are generally considered acceptable. 

The specific idle temperature can vary due to factors such as ambient temperature, fan curves, and other system-specific settings. 

If you are concerned about the temperatures or would like to make further adjustments, the current generation of ROG all-in-one coolers comes with software that allows you to control the speeds of the pump and embedded fan. 

This functionality should be familiar to users experienced with FanXpert.

You can use this software to monitor temperatures and make adjustments if needed. 

If you haven't experienced any issues like crashes or black screens, it indicates that your temperatures are not reaching critical levels, and you can continue to use your system with confidence. Thank you.

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