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ROG Ryujin III 360 wired sounf on low RPM

Level 7

Hi Guys!

I bought ROG Ryujin III 360 , it's working very well but I have an issue with it.
On low RPM the pump has weird sound. Only under 1000 RPM.

Video from the issue:

Is it normal, or should I return it?

Thx for advices


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Kikiller ,

based on your question, may I ask when did this sound issue start occurring? 

Did it happen right after the purchase? 

Have you checked for any foreign objects around the fan and pump? Please ensure that no cables are obstructing the airflow. 

Have you updated the firmware of the liquid cooler? 

If you have reinstalled the liquid cooler and updated the firmware to the latest version, but the problem still persists, we recommend sending the liquid cooler to the official repair center for further diagnosis by our engineers. 

Thank you.