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ROG Ryujin II Installation Help

Level 9

Hi all,

I recently got a ROG Ryujin II 360 from Asus to replace my ROG Ryujin I that died within warranty period. In both cases I had a technician install for me because I am not really confident installing $450 hardware.

The issue is, I think the technician may have installed the ROG Ryujin II incorrectly. My case is the Lian Li Lancool II Mesh and it only allows front mounting for the radiator. But he did it like this:

Two issues.

1. The LED screen is upside-down. I could rotate it 90 degrees in Armoury Crate but not 180.

2. I think the pump orientation isn't optimal because you aren't meant to have the pumps higher than the top fan in the radiator (as I understand it?)

Unfortunately my technician already left before I realised this. I emailed him and he said that because of the proximity to the RAM he didn't think that the cooler could be mounted horizontally, and because of front mounting he thought he had to mount it this way for the pumps to reach the radiator.

Any advice please? I'm not sure if we can do top mounting in this case. Also will this damage the cooler leaving it in this mounting position? ... thank you.