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ROG RYUJIN II 360 - Rotate 180º > Flip Horizontal?

Level 7

I've positioned my ROG RYUJIN II 360 so that the display is upside down (wanted the tubes on top vs bottom).  From what I can tell, the software WILL NOT let you flip the orientation 180 degrees.  Can anyone confirm this?  I'd have to change my screens to be upside down as well or just remove the assembly and rotate it 180 so it's "how the pictures are".   I'd like to know soon before I finish the build.


Level 14

Yes, as far as I can see in AC, I've only got options for landscape vs portrait orientation, but nothing that would let me flip it for the other 2 potential orientations.  I have mine in the default orientation, tubes on the bottom of the pump, it works well like that and looks good.

Thanks for the update.  That's what I feared - oh well, looks like I'm flipping the unit around tonight! 🙂   At least I saw that before i closed everything up and started instaling.

Level 8

Has anyone tried uploading an inverted theme?

If you're just using the display for an animated GIF, you should be able to just invert the GIF in image editing software prior to uploading.  The problem comes when you want to display system information on the LCD, as there's currently no way to invert the text.  (You could see if it's possible in AIDA64, which has a driver for the Ryujin LCD, but I don't think it has an inverted option.)

Oh right, I forgot about the text.😣 Sorry man, can't help you here. 

Unless, you are open to use the lcd for GIF and buying a second smaller screen for hardware monitoring.