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ROG RYUJIN II 240 ARGB, Controller

Level 7


What is the ampere limit for the controller (ARGB & fans)? I can not find any documentation for it.

One mobo ARGB header can handle maximum 3A. Does it mean that all ARGB devices connected to this controller also should follow this limit of 3A? 

One mobo fan header can handle maximum 1A. Does it mean that all fans connected to this controller also should follow this limit of 1A? 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @chasmer ,

regarding your question, typically, the ARGB header on the motherboard can handle up to 3A, and the fan header can handle up to 1A. 

This means that all ARGB devices and fans connected to the controller should adhere to the respective ampere limits. 

If the devices connected to your controller exceed these limits, it may lead to power issues or other instabilities. 

Therefore, please ensure that your devices comply with the specifications of the motherboard. 

For detailed connection methods, please refer to the FAQ below to avoid any abnormalities caused by installation errors. 

[ROG Component] ROG RYUJIN II installation/LED instructions | Official Support | ROG Global (

Thank you.

Hi @Aureliannn_ROG 

Controller has 4 fan headers. 2 fans are daisy chained into one. 3 headers are free. Does it mean that I can only use 2 of them? Otherwise controller will have 5 fans with more than 1A in total.

It does not make sense of having a controller (a device that takes space) that works just as a splitter. In other words I can just daisy chain 4 fans into mobo fan header. I understand that in case of Ryujin we need this controller for LCD screen but the same refers to ARGB headers. Where am I wrong?