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ROG fan controller maxing speed

Level 9

Two case fans going into the ROG controller hub on a z790 hero suddenly maxed to 100% and nothing about reboots or restarting software, shutting down, deleting armoury crate profiles, helps. 


We already know Asus hasn't lifted a finger to allow fan speed to be read or set via the microusb connection (while argb works).


So what's going on with this hub and Asus?


Also how can i force the fans on the hub to cease and 'reset'. Unplugging them turned them off, but replugging them, went to 100%. 


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Miodh 

May I ask if you are experiencing issues related to automatic shutdowns, restarts, 100% fan speed, or problems related to Armoury Crate settings?
Could you provide more detail and help us confirm the following questions?
- Does the situation you described happen after any changes have been made?
For example, updating the BIOS or connecting an external device
- What is the BIOS version and Intel ME version of your ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO?
Please confirm if the Intel ME version has been updated to the requested version in the BIOS and perform a clear CMOS before reconfirming the issue.
- Are you currently using a microUSB connection for the fan or a 3-pin/4-pin connector?
Please provide the brand, model, and connection method of the fan.
- What are your current Armoury Crate settings? Have you made any related configurations using Fan Xpert 4?
If so, please confirm if all items in the Armoury Crate update center have been updated to the latest version and provide relevant screenshots of related settings.

Thank you.

I don't know where the request for IME in the bios is shown.  What I meant is computer restarts and shutdowns did not reset the fan or fix anything. 

BIOS 1202

IME 2306.430

The ROG controller hub is connected via a microusb and argb to the mb, and then 4 pin fans to the hub. The 2 fans are EKWB 140mm pwm on a 4pin. There's been no issue up to this point other than Asus not showing the fan speed through the ROG hub, or being able to set it, which is bizarre.


Other issues: The aura display on the motherboard top left side won't turn back on and the option for Ryujin 2 on ArmoryCrate fan settings for "AIO fan controller" is black/disabled. 

Auto tuning fans doesn't work, nor any of the presets. Everything appears up to date.

I didn't touch any of the settings when it happened. Imo it felt like a remote backdoor low level hack to the driver or something since nothing was occurring (I realise this is rare). 


Btw I cannot scroll down on chorme on this website to the submit button. I had to work around it 


Level 9

Update. CMOS reset PARTLY worked (fan no longer at 100% constantly and motherboard topleft display works again) BUT the FAN SPEED called "AIO fan controller" is STILL BLACK/DISABLED in Armory Crate Ryujin2 section.

 AND the ROG Controller hub connected fans can't be read or set one speed in an Armory Crate section, anywhere.

Could I please request to be able to do this so usb method to fill data into Armorycrate would be welcome. Can you pass this request on?


Level 9


Level 9

Can you pass this request to enable this to Asus with the ROG Controller hub fans accessible in Armory Crate too? And possibly include the hub in the bios, to read the one setting from the hub via usb.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Miodh 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delayed response.
May I ask if you are persisting with the difficult current use of ROG RYUJIN II coolers?
For the 1202 BIOS version of the ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO, the corresponding Intel ME version is Please update to this version and perform a clear CMOS before confirming the problem again.


If the problem persists, please ensure all items in the Armoury Center Update Center are updated to the latest version and share a screenshot of the Update Center page.

Thank you.

I'll try if you can get Asus to verify it and update the z7900 Hero page please, but I'm wary of the below two week old report for another motherboard here:

(can't post image it says it's 20000 characters: the image says that IME update you mention bricked his motherboard) 


link instead:

Furthermore, the Asus support for z790 Hero only lists this version of IME, so that version may not be supported.....



I need the Asus driver page updated to that version. I can't get it if it's not supported on the actual motherboard page.  

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Miodh 

May I ask if you have referred to the FAQ I shared?
According to the instructions in the link, there are detailed steps, and the download path for the Intel ME installation file is located on the ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO's official website under Support Page > BIOS & Firmware > Intel ME, not listed under Driver & Tools.

Please help confirm that after updating to the corresponding BIOS version and performing a clear CMOS, the issue can be ruled out.

Thank you.