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ProArt LC 420 AIO sTR4/sTR5 support?

Level 7
Hi, I need to know whether the Asus ProArt LC 420 is compatible with the sTR4/sTR5 socket for AMD Threadripper 7000 CPUs.
I am looking to build a professional workstation with an 7980X 64-core chip in the PA602 chassis and wish to use the matching 420mm cooler. Asus offer the ROG STRIC LC II 360 RGB cooler which is compatible with Threadripper as per AMD's website, which means that Asus must manufacture the sTR4/sTR5 mounting bracket required.
If this is the case, please can someone confirm whether I am able to obtain a compatible sTR4/sTR5 mounting bracket that I can use with the Asus ProArt LC 420? Many thanks

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Teary ,

thank you for your inquiry. 

Regarding the question of whether the ProArt LC 420 liquid cooler supports the sTR5 socket, we will consult with our backend team for confirmation. 

Once we receive relevant information, we will notify you promptly. 

Thank you for your patience.

Hi @Teary ,

upon confirmation, the ProArt LC 420 liquid cooler does not support the sTR4/sTR5 socket. 

You can refer to the image below or the official product description on our website for verification of compatibility. 

ProArt LC 420|Cooling|ASUS Global

If it does support it, it will be indicated on the official website as well. 

Please refer to the image below:

Thank you.

Thanks for this, but doesn’t really answer my question. My question isn’t “does it support it out of the box” because I can tell that by looking at the specs page.


My question is, is there an str5 mounting bracket that I can purchase from Asus that will fit the ProArt LC 420? Asus offer it with the ROG STRIX LC II 360, so I need to know whether that mounting bracket will fit the LC 420?