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My Ryujin II 240 can't works with Armoury crate

Level 7

Hi guys! 

I need some help.

I just bought mine AIO Ryujin II 240 today. And after i install, the things seem normally works!

The LCD screen is working also, yes. But i can not using the Armoury crate to change the showing, or sync color, or anythings with my AIO. 

Actually, my Armoury has detected the AIO, but when i click in the AIO device, it's just nothing , only the blank sreen.

So what can i do for now?


Next loadingScreenshot (14).png

Control.jpg20231108_012703.jpgI found the solution in Armory Crate Full Package by selecting Rog Fan Control and Rog Fan Control Plus during installation in addition to the components the program sees and everything is back to normalFAN.png

Customer Service Agent

Hi @weipert ,

thank you for the update.
After confirming with our backend team, Rog Fan Control and Rog Fan Control Plus are components required for the device page of ROG Fan Controller.
Please observe if the issue persists.
If you encounter any further problems, please feel free to let us know, and we will be happy to assist you.
Thank you.

The issue occurs when the Armory Crater app is updated from AC Full Package_1.2.4.0. If only the Asus components are updated, everything works perfectly

Customer Service Agent

Hi @weipert ,

thank you for providing the detailed explanatory video. 

Please ensure that all components are kept up to date with the latest versions, and monitor whether the issue persists. 

Thank you.