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Is there any way to control the radiator fans on the Ryujin ?

Level 7


I know these are connected by USB header and the fan speed is controlled by the unit, but I was expecting FanXpert in Armoury Crate to be able to interpret the readings and let me do a custom fan curve like any other AIO, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Has anyone found a solution to actually control the fan curve ? Like for example I'm doing 3D renders and I'd like the fan to run constant RPM instead of going from 20% to 100% and back to 20% every three seconds for 5 hours. The "fixed RPM" in FanXpert is exaclty what I need, it just doesn't let me control the rad fans, I can only control the embedded fan / pump speed / case fans on cha_fan headers.

Or is there a way to rewrire these so they're connected to the CPU_FAN header instead of usb ? This way I could control them using softwares...



Customer Service Agent

Hi @Flames2jz ,

based on your question, we are currently in the process of verifying this issue with the relevant teams. If there are any updates, we will inform you. Thank you.

Thank you!