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Good Cooler but Horrible Implementation

Level 9
I bought the 360. Installed the livedash software, everything was working OK, I say just OK as there were some bugs with the display. After a couple of days and trying to get the custom animated gif feature working (installed firmware update) I managed to get it working once in a while. Sometimes it would accept the created gif and work fine, other times it wouldn't work with the exact same gif. Yesterday I'm Red Warning locked out of LiveDash by Windows 10. Seems it's a possible cert issue. No biggy, disable UAC VIA regedit. Try it again. Nope. Ok, go through the registry to clean up all the entries left behind after uninstalling, in fact I uninstalled all Asus apps (AISuite, livedash, Aura). Try installing again. Now when I double click LiveDash I get nothing. Huh, I try using admin elevated command prompt and get an Engrish error box.

Nice going, charge large for this AIO which I'm sure it's only saving grace are it's fans and then hire complete morons to write the software. This seems to be the late motif with Asus.

Good God, fix your garbage software. And what's up with the created USB drive and these wacky dates?

It shouldn't be this difficult to setup, I want the features I paid for to work. Not this halfassed BS.


Level 7
just try to reset your computer/turn off and switch off psu, wait 10s for motherboard to exhaust all electric then turn the computer back on

i sometimes experienced this and can get it work again most of the time