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Can someone tell me whether the PC shop installed the ROG AIO CPU Cooler LC II 360 Correctly

Level 7

I had my first desktop pc built by a pc shop as i always used laptop for 15+ years...

The only thing which i find it as flaw is that idk whether the shop installed the coolers and fans correctly or not(and whether everything works or not)

I can see all fans running, all rgb/argb lights working in the fans, helios cabinet, x299 egaming II motherboard lights and even the pump light works... but im not sure whether the AIO Pump and liquid cooling actually working or not....

Why i have this doubt?

I checked the manual


 how pc shop connected everything


 see its missing as its being shown on manual... idk if there are alternate connectors on the other side of the motherboard(and they have connected the headers there or not OR they completely missed it)

Please guide me through this... 

What i see in bios




zoom the image and for AIO, it shows N/A.. the same N/A also shows for ext fan and cha fan even though all are running...

I earlier made a post related to surge protector due to thor having 16amp.... I fixed the issue by buying 6a to 16amp conertor adapter and connected it directly to surge protector...


now i have peace of mind as i implemented a protection for thor... this adapter was obtained through local electrical store and this wasnt available online... only one brand makes it, hope rog make dedicated surge protection extension boards for their 16 to 20 amp PSUs...

Back to the topic, any rog staff or user, please tell whether the connections are right as you see on mothwrboard image or is there other ways to tell whether if the AIO Cooler is working or not?....


Level 9

Can you please post a picture or pictures as to where the cables from the AIO are landed and or connected please.  Enclosed is a link to Asus support page for the ROG STRIX LC II Series AIO and it shows that the fan cables connect via a splitter and connect to the CPU Fan Connector the Micro / USB cable connects to the USB 2.0 header on Mother Board and the Pump connector connects to the AIO Connector on the Mother Board . Being that not all mother boards have an AIO connector The AIO is some times connected to the CPU Connector. But in this case your Mother Board does have a AIO connector. So there may be an error in connections call and ask the builder why they connected the AIO in this manner they may have a reason and may have set in Bios and or software the AIO to be fully functional. Please post pictures and contact the builder. It does not hurt to get more information as to why it was done the way it is.