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ASUS ROG Ryujin 360 CPU Cooler Temperature Issue

Recently I just upgraded to ASUS ROG Ryujin 360 CPU Cooler. I am using Asus ROG Maximus X Hero with Intel Core i7 8700K. After installing the cooler perfectly, the stock CPU temperature shows 40 - 42 degree C without overclocking. But as I seen some ...

ROG Ryujin 360 - Internal Fan Question - Urgent

Hello @alli have done the setup with the ROG Ryujin 360.Using different Fans insteed of the Noctuna Industrial Fans. ( Thermaltek Riing RGB Plus Premium ) My problem is if i dont use the attached Fan adapter from the AOI Pump i can not make the inte...

Devjam by Level 7
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Anyone figure out how to keep the display flipped

The way I currently have the Ryuo 240 setup was due to the fact I could rotate the display 180 degrees. Well I have to do it every time I start the machine. The live dash software doesn't remember settings it looks like. Anyone figure this out yet...

1mluer by Level 11
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RYUO 240 pump and fan speed

I have my RYUO 240 connected to the CPU fan header (per the documentation). In AI Suite (latest version), adjusting the CPU fan speed does nothing. When choosing the RYUO fan, the pump speed is supposed to be adjusted but I think it's adjusting b...

Ryujin 240 Fan Problem

Hi guys,I have a problem and I hope you can help me.I bought a ROG Ryujin 2400 and I can't control the internal fan for some reason.The AIO is connected to the AIO fan header on my Maximus XI Gene QFan is disabled for all fans.In Fan Experpert I can ...

RYUJIN 360 Results - Surprsingly very good!

For my new 9900k/Hero XI build (see sig) I was lucky enough to find a RYUJIN 360 cooler in stock at Newegg before they quickly sold out. I was originally planning to use my H115i Pro that I use on my test bench for dry run builds. But as luck would...

mdzcpa by Level 12
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ROG Ryuo 240 USB drive name changes on its own

When I first installed the Ryuo 240 a USB drive was created called ROG_RYUO. I guess this is used for storing custom images etc. When I booted into my system today I noticed the drive has been renamed to USB Drive. But in the taskbar where you can sa...