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My aio is here.I will make some notes and check all. I have some questions.1. ai suite. there is 2 Ryujin 360 in fan expert. 2. where is pump control?3. it is recommend to use the pwm pump to the aio pump on the board and use 3 fan on cpu fan? or use...

Think i send back my ryujin 360

Hello i really pissed off from this cooler and i think about sending back this thingThe first one had to many Air in the system caused noisy pump sounds ok this can happen i maked rma and get a new oneThis worked one day fine then i got problems1. my...

Geras2k by Level 7
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Ryujin 360 issues

Hello i got this very cool cooler and have issues the first unit a have to return because the waterpump maked noise if there are to many air in the system.The secound unit seems to running now.Now the Problem i have a maximus ix formula Board and the...

Geras2k by Level 7
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ROG Ryujin 360 - basic review on TR4

History of CPU cooling is longride way. From basic coolers to extreme cooling as example LN2. We can remember 20 years ago...Yes, everything looks like stock boxed cooler But different was the cooler for AMD Thunderbird CPUs.Cooling systems were evo...

FlanK3r by Level 13
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Question on a removable drive on new pc

Hello everyone, Yesterday I purchased a new computer the specs are in my profile. After installing Windows 10 Pro, I noticed there was an extra drive listed in "This PC". Since the drive is called RYUO (D: ) I'm kinda leaning on that my ROG RYUO 240 ...

b_heine by Level 7
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Ryujin 360 USB storage

Hey there,When i installed Ryujin 360 a usb storage device appeared in my peripherals. It created for me a few issues, Aida64 have problems digesting it, aida64 freezes for a long time each time it access that device, if i do a HDD sti device dump (...

LeChat by Level 8
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ROG RYUO custom image not displayong

Has anyone figured out how to get custom images to display on the oled on the ROG RYUO? I installed the latest version of livedash 1.5.3 firmware 0106 and when I upload a custom image, it is all blurry and shows the image overlapped like 7 times, eac...

cruelko by Level 7
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Asus ROG Ryujin 240 - safe long term CPU temperature

Hey thereOverall, the safe liquid temperature for custom loops is up to 55°C, well, "safe". It's good to be in lower 30s. And max is 60°C. When playing Plague Tale Innocence, my CPU runs cores in higher 80s [86 - 88°C].My question is, will the Asus R...

uplink by Level 9
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Good Cooler but Horrible Implementation

I bought the 360. Installed the livedash software, everything was working OK, I say just OK as there were some bugs with the display. After a couple of days and trying to get the custom animated gif feature working (installed firmware update) I manag...

ROG Ryujin - firmware update fail

Hi guys, I tried update the firmware on my Win10 system and after all the process seems finished, I got "update fail". Now is cooler crazy noisy, the ROG logo is gone on top of pump, the AI Suite do not see anymore the ROG Ryujin.How to fix it or get...

FlanK3r by Level 13
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