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Ryujin 360 radiator fans problem

Hey,I got a problem with my Radiator fans for the Ryujin 360.The fans only start to run at 40% PWM; the software how ever tells that they should run at 20% PWM already with 400 and 30% PWM 600.When I use the smart mode at 30% PWM or using fixed spins...

NekWioS by Level 7
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ROG Ryujin 360 not recognized

HelloSo my Ryujin was working perfectly as intended and I could control the lights and the display with Aura and Livedash but recently it stopped working.So there's no display and the lights are just doing the rainbow wave.First thing I did was unins...

teuf504 by Level 7
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ncvm coated cover loses mirror effect after cleaning

As the title says, i used a little bit of water and a soft cloth and the cover has lost the mirror effect, Asus gaves a replacement for this? and how is this product so bad that it loses that effect after one cleaning, and is a expensive AIO.

Ryujin 360 Micro Fan Not Working

Hello today I replaced my asus rog ryujin 360 cooler fans with corsair ll120 fans I was unable to control the micro fan via software after changing the fans. Is this normal?

Ryujin 360 fans not starting up

Hi Team,I have a Ryujin 360 setup on my Rog Zenith Extreme motherboard with a 2950x. I have my fans hooked up to the cooler, the cooler is hooked up to the CPU_FAN header, SATA power, and hooked up to the USB 2.0 header. When I boot the system it pos...

Ryujin 240 - AIO Pump or CPU Fan?

SO i haven't tried the AIO-Pump and presently have it connected to the CPU Fan instead. Is one better than the other, for example connecting the pump header to the AIO and then the Rad-Fan's to the CPU fan? or running everything off just one or the o...

Kryptyc by Level 8
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Ryojin 360 -> My experience from h..l!

Hi! Let's start by saying, I am very disappointed! Why?So, little background and apologies already for the stream of consciousness that is to follow... I had Maximus XI Formula with 9700K, that was running with Dark Rock Pro 4 smoothly without issues...

Jukkis by Level 7
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Ryujin 360 oled screen cpu freq froze?

Hi there I've just got the 5600x today was upgrad from 2700x after I've install the new cpu the pled screen froze on 4.00ghz everything else works fine but the cpu freq. i've done fresh install window os still the same please help!!!!

RYUO 240 LiveDash update through Armoury Crate

I just picked up the Ryuo 240 recently and wanted to update the LiveDash display to show system temp etc. I've downloaded and installed the Armoury Crate application and tried to access the 240 through the devices option however every time I try to ...

Ryujin 360 header issue?

So when I plu the 4 pin connector to the AIO header on my Maximus XI is says Fan Error when I start the computer. When I plug it into the CPU Fan header it works. Why is this? What can I do to make it work on the AIO Pump header?