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Asus ROG Ryyjin II 360 Display AID64

Hi AllJust installed a new Asus ROG Ryyjin II 360 and can't seen any instructions on how to display data from AID64 on the pump screen.Are there any guides on how to do this?Also is there anyway to have Aid64 read information on the AIO Pump speed?

Ryujin 360, not all fans spinning

Hello,motherboard - Crosshair hero viii wificpu - ryzen 9I plugged the ryujin to "AIO_pump" connector in the motherboard (these are for the fans connected on a splitter) and on "USB1213".CPU_fan error - I set ignore in bios.when PC is running normal....

ASUS ROG RUJIN 360 - no fan control

Hi,I have experienced the unusual behavior of my AIO.1. For 2 years it works flawlessly. I have installed AI Suite 3, with profiles set to all fans - no issues at all. No hardware modifications were made. No software modifications were made with exc...

ROG RYUJIN 360 fan PWM & Armoury Crate

Hi, I hope I am in the right place. First build here and this has been driving me nuts. I noticed that the fans don't spin below 40% PWM setting in armoury crate. I have the ROG RYUJIN 360 connected to the AIO pump header with the fans connected to t...

Samdalf by Level 7
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Please help me with the pump of my Ryujin 360

Dear friends, I am literally going crazy. The noise of the pump always at maximum is drilling my brain. I connected the system following the instruction manual. Radiator fans connected to CPU fan with the supplied 3in1 cable, the sata cable to the po...

crisgen by Level 9
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Oled Display brightness

I just finished installing my Ryujin 360 and everything works perfectly. At the first start, the brightness of the oled display was quite good but then, after the firmware update, it deteriorated significantly. Is there any method to increase the bri...

crisgen by Level 9
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Ryujin 360 Drivers, Software, Etc.

Hey friends. First, yeah, I have complained about the Ryujin 360 in the past and have been pretty charged up about it as well. I have had one on an Intel build now for a while and did not like how the display for it actually shows the CPU temp as w...

Ryujin 360 Noctua my experience

After several tests on a ROGMXIIF motherboardI tested the different connections of the fansCurrently:ROG AIO on W + Pump or AIO Pump(no difference for me)Fans: ROG AIOFan 1 CPU on CMFan 2 CPU Opt on CMFan 3 On ROG fact I only have a fan connec...

Galaxis by Level 7
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