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Asus ROG LC 240 White Edition RGB issues

Just installed a white rog strix lc 240 cooler, however the leds on the fans which are attached to the radiator do not light up properly. They are connected to the header connector which I plugged into the rgb header. I get only 1 green led on both f...

spyy1 by Level 7
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Ryujin 3 appearance

Wondering if anybody knows anything about the ryujin 3 appearance... it was at ces. It's a ryujin 3 with g1/4 fittings for custom water cooling. I've searched and searched the internet and the only thing I can find is a couple of things about ces. Do...

ROG Ryujin II Installation Help

Hi all,I recently got a ROG Ryujin II 360 from Asus to replace my ROG Ryujin I that died within warranty period. In both cases I had a technician install for me because I am not really confident installing $450 hardware.The issue is, I think the tech...

Dead Forum? Is any Asus tech Support helping here?

Second Post I make.My Asus Ryujin II 360 is not recognised as a device by the latest version of Armoury Crate.Did several installations and uninstalls(with the uninstall tool) and always had the same result.Is this a Windows 11 problem? I can't belie...

Asus ROG Ryujin 360 compatability

Hello,Has anyone knowledge or experience with the Ryujin 360 (not II) working on a LGA1700 socket?The intention is to upgrade from a i9-9900k to i9-12900k and Asus support is less than helpful.TIA

jimbear by Level 7
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RYUO 240 Can't change Image

Hello. I have the latest Armoury Crate installed. All my ROG devices work except my RYUO 240. When i click on that device, the red circle just keeps spinning. Looks like LiveDash is no longer available. Any way to install an image or change the RYUO ...

jdog2 by Level 7
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Rog Ryou III which thumbscrew caps for LGA 1700?

I'm very confused which thumbscrew caps I should use for LGA 1700 because I have 3 manuals and they all tell/show something different (take a look here: one that was shipped with the box is called "First Edition" and ...

Ryujin II Pump Speed Capped at 1770rpm

Hi, my Ryujin II pump speed is capped at 1770rpm. I can lower the speed and it is reported correctly, but if I put the speed at max in armoury crate, the max it will go to is 1770rpm. Isn't the max supposed to be 2800rpm?PC Specs:7950xx670e Hero32gb ...

s09931 by Level 7
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Asus ROG Ryyjin II 360 fan and pump info in LCD screen?

So, I just got a new system with an Asus ROG Ryyjin II 360 AIO.With this AIO it seems like fan and pump RPMs are monitored and set via the ASUS controller and its USB 2.0 cable that connects to the motherboard (i.e.; the fans are NOT connected to f...

JcRabbit by Level 10
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