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Help downgrade BIOS on LG502VT

[Support] Asus LG502VT, I stupidly decided to update the bios, from the original it came with v300 to the latest 2019 v303, downloaded it to a USB went to the bios and selected it, then it restarted and it's stuck on republic of gamers. I went online...

elliot5 by Level 7
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Rog Ryujin 2 240 Display went off suddenly

Hi Theremi tried today to insert a background on my diplay (ROG Ryujin ii) via Armoury Crate. Right after i set the new background the Display suddenly started disconnecting and connecting back and it ended in a loop. (The windows usb sound of connec...

4070 TI

So I've connected 2 fans directly to the GPU, set them to auto and they wont come on. I do a diagnostic test and they come on and I can manually adjust the % of speed of the fan on GPU tweak 3 just dont understand why they wont work on auto.I did run...

Ulfur by Level 8
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Zenbook 14 just feels sluggish and dumb no matter what I do

I own the machine for more than a year and gone through two warranty repairs (meaning also that I received a completely clean laptop after). I don't do anything specific on it nor install too many software, but it feels so slow in daily tasks like br...

marara1 by Level 7
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ROG fan controller maxing speed

Two case fans going into the ROG controller hub on a z790 hero suddenly maxed to 100% and nothing about reboots or restarting software, shutting down, deleting armoury crate profiles, helps.  We already know Asus hasn't lifted a finger to allow fan s...

Miodh by Level 9
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  Hey guys, just built my pc and turned it on everything worked well but then i noticed that only 2 of the 3 Fans of my AiO have RGB. Of Course everything is connected the right way, whats the possible issue? All 3 SATA Cables Are Connected.CASE: GR7...

image.jpg image.jpg
Naix by Level 7
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ROG RYUJIN 360 OLED screen blinks

Hello, My PC (W11) regularly chimes, hardware connect - disconnect and I have been looking what could be the cause but even the eventviewer didn't gave a clue. Today I noticed that the OLED screen blinked several times synchronous with the W11 chime....

Crasje by Level 12
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