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Anyone have a list of compatibility for AIOs or Air Coolers for ASUS ROG STRIX Z790-H Gaming?

Level 7

So I picked up this board last week and my Noctua cooler will not fit on it. There have been some posts about these boards on here and elsewhere about the plastic shielding mechanically preventing the coolers from being mounted. I have no problem returning the cooler and getting a different one, but I'd like to make sure the one I do get is compatible. 

Called Asus support and they have no answer on this. I'd like to get an AIO cooler at this point, probably 240-280 and was wondering if anyone had any experience with a couple models that might work. I'm assuming the Asus ones will work, but they were a week out with shipping and I'm looking for something sooner. 

If someone wouldn't mind sharing their setup, that would be awesome. I'm planning on cooling a 12700K and installing a NVIDIA 3080.