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Asus Dimm2 Riser Fan Mount/Cover *New print

Level 8
So when i bought my Rampage VI Extreme it didnt come with the fan mount for the DIMM.2 riser card...
i called ASUS and was told i had to return an $800 motherboard for a $.50 part because it wasnt sold separately..
This is where the whole thing began.

included in this print is the following
1-Rog Dimm.2 mount name-plated for the Rampage VI
1-Rog Dimm.2 mount with no nameplate, just the ASUS logo and M2

1-40mm Single fan cover/mount
1-30mm dual fan cover/mount

channels inside the print direct the air onto and between the NvMe cards, as welkl as the outside covering partially, for the least amount of air flow loss.
im posting this in case anyone else wants to use it for themselves, so my situation with a not included fan mount eventually created this finished project.7797777978

Zip file for the 4 files is available here:

i used a Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX (40x40x10mm fan) for mine personally, and waiting to paint the last final coat to check all fitting sizes.
hope you all like it.