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3D prints ASUS M VIII Hero (and other mobos too) - Cable Cover is now 100% compatible

Level 8
Seeing how ASUS has joined this 3d printing band wagon and them promply left the wagon while leaving all of us confused about what the heck we were meant to expect, I decided to give it a whirl.
Sadly ASUS did not think about making their own 3d designs compatible with their last gen motherboards, so yeah, allow me to fix that for ya.

Anyone with an Maximus VIII Hero will be able to get the attachment printed, and it will be a direct drop into the board, no messing or fussing about.
No need to thank me.

Also, any other motherboards that do not have hardware soldered near the top right motherboard standoffs should be compatible as well. The only issue is that this cover also covers the debugging LED...

I'm working on fixing that as of now.

P.s.: Will also work on the m.2 holder just because I want it to cool my m.2.

Level 8
Right, update:
Lowered height, was a bit too tall for what it is, this way sports a more stealthy look.
Openned up a hole for the debug LED. It's not great art ****, it's a window into the PCB so we can troubleshoot. It works.
Removed some extra material to increase compatibility. Took a look at a random selection of motherboards. It should be compatible with a great deal of them.
I even printed another one for an MSI and an old Asus I have lying around for kicks 😄

Hope you guys like it, for now I'll be adding my logo to it and make it my own. If anyone feels like giving this a whirl, create an account in TinkerCAD, upload the file there, look for another logo in CAD format from thingieverse, or another 3d website, and just put them together, it's a 5 minute job 🙂

The m.2 holder is done, as soon as it gets to my hands I'll start making changes to increase compatibility if required.

Level 8
Small Update. Just tried my hand at the m.2 cooler mount. Perfect drop in replacement for a VIII Hero.

Didn't even need to adjust the design. The screw holes were tight but that is easy to fix with a screwdriver head. Enjoy!

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Level 8
Nice to see someone correcting their total flop. Wish they didn't screw up the design on the I/O cover for the Strix Z270G. Who ever designed that thing is a complete idiot considering the lower mounting screw should have been reversed and made to mount external of the cover so the cover itself hugged the edge of the audio ports allowing you to still install a GPU in the main slot. Their cover blocks the ability to install a gpu in that slot. The reason I picked this board was the ability to cover up the ugly I/O boxes to just find out I'm screwed with the fugly things showing anyway due to their neglect.

I contacted them on Shadeways about 4-5 months back and haven't heard a single thing from them. Funny how Asus will suck you dry in the cost of their products yet flip the bird after the fact. I've been a long time purchaser of Asus boards but man it's starting to wear on me.

Nice job!
So, will the updated version work with any motherboard? Even from other brands?

Do you have any picture of the printed model? Just to see how it fits.

Thank you in advance!

Level 8
Ah, so apparently I don't get emails about replies to this thread. sorry about that. Here you go, some new pictures. Note: PLA sucks. The m.2 heat was enough to warp the m.2 holder. Still, now I know, and I can improve 🙂
Pictures galore!