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TUF Gaming AX3000 booting me out.

In February there was a firmware update for the AX3000. After updating it came up with an security error while trying to enter the GUI using https. It instructed you to proceed anyway and log in non-secure. Something about the safety certificate bein...

JimmyH by Level 10
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Where's my PC?

I have an RT-AX86U and was just checking the list of clients and do not see the PC I am on right now!  Doing an ipconfig, I have the IP address of this PC and it is in the range of the IP addresses the router can assign to, but not this one.What the ...

NVIDIA Control Panel's VSync option not working?

I have a TUF Dash F15 (FX516PM) and for some reason, the VSync option in NVCP doesn't seem to do anything at all. After setting it to "On", the frame rate was still uncapped, and I was still getting screen tearing in games. I have already updated the...

ROG Swift OLED PG48UQ Firmware V028

Hallo, danke Asus für die neue Firmware V028 " Resolving the problem of being unable to wake up for four hours. " ( noch nicht getestet ) und das Brummen der internen Lautsprechern über dem DP 1.4 ist auch verschwunden grussHarry97    

Harry97 by Level 7
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R6E VROC with non-intel drives?

I've been doing a lot of looking, and I'm having trouble finding any up-to-date or definitive information on the topic, everything relevant seems to be 2019 or earlier, or about the refresh models (Omega, Encore) as opposed to the original.Will VROC ...

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