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New Z790 /13900KS Build Unusable. Please help!

Please help - My new Z790/13900KS Build is unusable due to random and frequent crashes.I have just replaced my MB, CPU and RAM. The new system now consists of the following:MB: ROG Strix Z790 Gaming-ERAM: DDR5 2x16Gb Corsair Dominator (6200)CPU: Inte...

Asus Fast Charge notifications

Good evening. I updated all the updates needed in Armory crate and now I have Asus fast charge notifications happening 10+ times a day in windows 10. I only have 3 USB hardware connected. None of them charge. I did not have these notifications previo...

TUF CURVED MONITOR not working Asus will not help me.

I bought a 32" curved gaming monitor and it died on me, I spoke with Asus or I tried too talk but the Asus rep did not speak good English. They want me to pay to send this monitor to them. The monitor is still under warranty from Asus until Jan 2024....

DGB by Level 1
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GT-AXE16000 Poor Ethernet Performance

Hi all - I've done quite a bit searching on this topic, but haven't found a fix. I'm hoping that someone here can offer an assist!Current setup:Internet: Xfinity, 1200 down / 40 upCable modem: Arris S33 Router: GT-AXE16000The main issue I'm seeing is...

Rog strix z790-i gaming wifi

Is it possible to force graphics card to run @ 1 x PCIe 5.0 x16 slot, if both M.2 slots are populated ?Basically I want to know if I can set the m.2 2_2 slot to use the chipset lanes through DMI for storage,and keep m.2 2_1 for my boot disk using 4 c...

New build problems

(sorry to double post, i realise i might not have posted in the right thread)Hello, sorry for my poor english, i speak french. I build a lot of computers since 20 years, im 43 yo. Never had this much trouble with a new build. I just build a 13900ks w...

DanyB by Level 7
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X670 resource

ill use this thread to collect some new test bioses for the boards, maybe also to explain some less understood optionsto disable cores ccd go here and choose ccd xx bit map down core.each ones stand for an enabled corebest to disable from the back, i...

97792 97793 97403 97404
Shamino by Moderator
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