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GL552 sound driver problem, hissing sound/electric buzz

Hy. I'm new to the forum and the hole rog experience.Just bought a GL552Jx that runs smooth except for the sound. After instaling the Conexant Audio driver, from asus support site, also available on delivered Cd, the laptop's speakers make a hissing ...

iam by Level 7
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Error code 5: Access is denied - AsIO3.sys!!

    crate software started to fire this error on startup, I tried uninstalling it, and now it gives this error when I try to install it. WTF?this does not seems a new problem. https://rog-forum.asus.com/t5/asus-software/error-code-5-access-is-denied...


Resolved! tuf gaming ax6000

So i have a virgin hub 5 and the tuf ax6000 router. if i connect directly to virgin hub 5 i get 1gig download and 100 upload speed. if i have it in modem mode and connect to my asus router i get 1 gig down but only 3 meg upload speed both hardwired a...

M2_1 nvme socket only pcie4 x 2

Hi My motherboard ASUS Z790 WIFI F bios 0904 has weird issue.When SSD NVME is insert in socket M2_1 the speed of Samsung 990 2TB Pro has only speed x2 and and there is no x4When the same ssd is in socekt M2_2 it has full speed x4The other 1 x drive H...

Resolved! ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM Random Signal Issue

Hello all I've recently bought the Asus PG27AQDM OLED monitor and have been blown away with it. I did find an issue after using for about 2 weeks now. Randomly while in HDR I found that my screen signal starting showing scan lines and artifacting, al...

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