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New Z790 /13900KS Build Unusable. Please help!

Please help - My new Z790/13900KS Build is unusable due to random and frequent crashes.I have just replaced my MB, CPU and RAM. The new system now consists of the following:MB: ROG Strix Z790 Gaming-ERAM: DDR5 2x16Gb Corsair Dominator (6200)CPU: Inte...

ROG STRIX B650-A GAMING WIFI boot slow when XMP on

Hi to all,,Before 2 month i set up this computer.Mobo ROG STRIX B650-A GAMING WIFIram Kingston Fury beast rgb 5600 2x 16 gbVGA Power Color radeon 6750XTCPU Ryzen 5 7600xAt bios 1224 when use XMP and  i  enebale Memory Context Restore when boot windao...

FA507RR PCIe Express Root Port issue.

It appears that my WHEA PCIe errors are caused by the thing in the title.I have read various things it could be, but in all honesty I have no idea if it is detrimental or how to go about fixing it. I have done all that is possible in CMD, and I have ...

Asus ROG Crosshair Hero x670e Motherboard Slow Boot

As the title says, my new x670e Crosshair Hero takes about 37 seconds to display the Asus bios screen from when I first turn on the computer. After this everything runs normally. I have the latest 0805 bios. I tried enabling memory context but the co...

GU603HE Intel isst driver issues

Hi!Recently I bought a Zephyrus M16 (GU603HE-k8007).Everything works perfectly until I install the Intel Isst driver (except for some issues fixed which are listed below).After that - several issues happen (I reinstalled the system several times both...

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