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DYING LIGHT 2 - Redemption Failed?!

Hi everyone!As an owner of the ROG ZEPHYRUS DUO 15,i received a redemption card with all the instructions about how to get the aforementioned game with the Armoury Crate software,but something went wrong, I filled in all my data and it said it was fa...

j4call by Level 7
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Diablo 4 redemption issues

I bought an Asus TUF 4080 OC from a local reseller here in Australia (Scorptec/scorpion technology) on the 19th of May and after keying the details of the card, uploading the receipt, I received an email saying that the card was ineligible for the Di...

Keljian by Level 1
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ROG Z790-E G skill 4 sticks overlock trouble

Hi, i have two G.skill trident Z 6800 Mhz 16x2 kit, set in A2, B2 slots and it works perfectly. I bought one more same kit and put them in last two slots(A1, B1) and then starts strange things, pc always reboot if XMP was enable(any overlock), if i d...

Water leak detected

Hello!I have been using ASUS ROG Crosshair IV extreme for past 4-5years.Today, when booting my computer, the following message pops up and I can't boot.WARNING! Water leak detected.For system safety, the system will shut down in 5 seconds.But I've ne...

Asus crosshair viii extreme ram issue.

I have had this this board from 26.8 2021 and i has had problem with memory training all the time.The first cpu 5950x i vould never get stable even with stock jedec setting and problably there was a issue with the cpu and i have tested 3 different r...

marti77 by Level 7
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FX705 - speakers replacement?

Hello there.I own an ASUS FX705 laptop and I was wondering if anyone ever tried to replace the original speakers with some others and succeeded? The laptop is great overall despite the crappy touchpad (which I don't mind because I always use a wirele...

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